About mone møen


The Story of mone møen

Born and raised in the little harbour city of Helsingør, Denmark Simone grew up fascinated by the beauty of time and how it changes things in color, mood, and experience. This made her love paint’s ability to capture the unique and either beautiful or intense moments of time. Her journey to become an artist started here and stayed with her after studying art and design in Denmark, Italy, and Canada. The passion she puts into her art drives her to find her own truth and inspires you to find yours.    


Bringing Art to Life

My paintings almost never stand alone, in the process of creation words usually entangle the project and become either a poem, a story, or a statement. When transferring my art into multiple forms like my clothing line or tote line they bring their words with them and personalities are split into styles of wearable art.  

Making the World Colourful

Art is unique and so are we. Find your true colours today with mone møen!